Head-to-toe safety

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We protect your most valuable asset

At Wenaas, we supply workwear and personal protective equipment to industries with extreme needs for protection. Our products must provide protection against anything from water to heat, from noise to falls, from cold to flames – and they must do so from head to toe. Our job is to make workers feel safe when they go to work, and to return home unharmed.

On site product development
Our product developers always work closely with end users, with an unyielding focus on personal protection. This form of direct innovation, combined with specialist know-how and a unique head-to-toe range of products has made Wenaas the market leader in Norway.

Certifications and standards
In addition to making our users feel safe and comfortable, many of our products need to be certified as personal protective equipment. Wenaas has a dedicated team working on EN/ISO standards, that collaborates closely with test laboratories and certification authorities. This combination ensures that our products are always certified and approved according to the latest standards and regulations. When our clients have carried out a risk assessment, we see to it that they are supplied with products certified to the right level of protection according to their use.

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Today's, and especially tomorrow's workwear solutions are very advanced products. Wenaas has built an professional environment around this which is unique in the Nordic region.


customer focus

A solution oriented environment. In everything we do, we always focus on our clients' needs. 


sosial responsibility

Protection throughout the chain. Every single thing we do at Wenaas is focused around protection and responsibility.