Social responsibility

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Every single thing we do at Wenaas is focused on protection and responsibility. We are very much aware that our operations have an environmental and a social impact far beyond the company. As market leader we place strict requirements on our operations and work actively with measures for improvement.

An extensive SCR-program (Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility)
Our suppliers have all signed the Code of Conduct, which contains rules and guidelines for the treatment of employees and the environment. We have a zero tolerance policy concerning forced labour and child labour. We believe in freedom of organisation, equal opportunity, fair earnings fixed by law, a safe work environment and legally binding employment. All duties, laws and regulations regarding the social security of employees must be respected.

Wenaas social responsibility in brief:

- We comply with all standards put forward by ILO, UN’s international labour organisation.
- All our textile products meet the criteria set out in Oeko-Tex Standard 100.
- We are certified according to ISO 9001:2008, the international standard for quality control.
- We adhere to REACH – the EU's regulation of chemicals imported to EU/EEA.
- The Wenaas SCR programme is extensive, and we take all measures to ensure that our products are manufactured under sustainable conditions that are open to inspection.