Industry and manufacturing

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A safe and comfortable working day

Wenaas has pioneered the development and manufacture of workwear in Norway, based on a tough climate and demanding working environment. We have developed a unique professional environment that has made us market leader in Norway. More than anything we offer cost effective total solutions, consisting of counselling, sales, customer support, efficient logistics and after sales services.

Close collaboration with the users
Our team of product experts collaborates closely with end users, from heavy industries as smelting plants, welding and shipbuilding to lighter industries as furniture and processing, as well as power and telecommunications. Our goal is always to develop workwear and protective solutions that are functional, comfortable and provide sufficient head-to-toe safety.



local stock

A Wenaas store exactly where you need it. When needed, Wenaas can deliver a storage container stocking a predefined assortment of workwear, protective footwear and PPE to larger construction or work sites.


customer focus

A solution oriented environment. In everything we do, we always focus on our clients' needs. 


social responsibility

Every single thing we do at Wenaas is focused on protection and responsibility.