Oil and gas

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Pioneering flame retardant workwear

Wenaas has supplied protective workwear to oil and gas workers in the North Sea since the 1970s. We have developed a unique professional environment that collaborates closely with Sintef and other acknowledged research facilities. Our product developers always work closely with end users, and are members of the HSE groups of several oil and gas companies. This form of direct innovation, combined with specialist know-how and a unique head-to-toe range of products has made Wenaas the market leader in Norway.

Efficient logistics
We have developed efficient processes for orders and logistics, optimizing the value chain and ensuring the most cost effective total solution for our clients. We have established web shops (WMS) and E-floor stock (automatization of local stocks), that can be adapted to each organization and user, whether it is an oil rig, a ship, an onshore site, in a single location or for a world wide operation.



e-trade made easy

Cost efficient IT solutions.



By implementing Electronic Floor Stock (EFS) is a local warehouse less costly to operate.


Manikin burn test

North Carolina State University has found evidence that use of flame retardant underwear significantly reduces the extent of 2nd and 3rd degree burns compared to standard cotton underwear.


Artic protection

Wenaas collaborates with SINTEF, Statoil and Eni Norge to develop new workwear for petroleum workers in the High North.