Flame retardant workwear

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The preferred supplier

Since the 1970s, we have contributed to protecting oil and gas workers in the North Sea. We are experts when it comes to protective workwear for hazardous environments, and we have set the standard for flame retardant workwear. This has made Wenaas the industry’s preferred supplier of flame retardant workwear, and we are very proud to be trusted.

Three layers of protection
Tough working conditions demand protective clothing, from the inside and out. Our three-layer system allows easy regulation of body temperature by removing or adding clothes according to the situation. The optimal protection is achieved by using three flame retardant layers.

Extensive research and development
In heavy industries, the energy industry and in fire and rescue, employees are facing extreme conditions and high risk. We have a wide assortment, and knowing that each item can mean the difference between life and death, we make no compromises in developing them.

Our products meet all safety needs and standards, and we perform extensive tests to improve them further. In addition, tests are performed at independent laboratories, e.g. the Manikin Burn Test at North Carolina State University.

Needs and demands concerning workwear, safety and comfort are continuously evolving, and to ensure innovation, Wenaas takes part in development projects, such as Arctic Protection, in collaboration with Sintef and other partners.

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e-trade made easy

Simple and speedy processes. To enable cost-effective routines for our clients, we have introduced advanced IT solutions.


Manikin burn test

North Carolina State University has found evidence that use of flame retardant underwear significantly reduces the extent of 2nd and 3rd degree burns compared to standard cotton underwear.



Excellent service needs excellent systems. The right product at the right time at the right price simplifies our clients' operations.