Currex Workpro insoles

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Every foot is unique

Regular shoes rarely offer adequate individual support for the foot. Many people develop health problems and injuries through their work, often causing pain in the knees, hips and lower back. Wenaas has developed the antistatic insole Currex Workpro, specifically for use in work shoes. Currex Workpro is designed to reduce fatigue by increasing comfort and enhancing ergonomics.

The right insole prevents pain and injury
Currex Workpro is an insole specifically designed for static as well as dynamic work. It is adapted to each user, offering perfect contact between foot and shoe. The support function prevents pain and stress injuries to feet, knees and back. Currex Workpro offers positive change by reprogramming the movement pattern for maximum performance in all manners of work. Our measuring tool makes it easy to find the right size and profile for the insole.