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Fast and efficient delivery and support across the country

Wenaas has developed cost-efficient ordering and logistics solutions, which contributes to an optimization and cost-effective total solution for our clients.

Web shop solutions, Electronic Floor Stock, storage container and branch offices are all flexible solutions for the induvidual clients.


e-trade made easy

To enable cost-effective routines for our clients, we have introduced advanced IT solutions. Our e-trade platform Wenaas Management System (WMS) features a quick and easy ordering and procurement process, with a 100% digital solution from orders to billing.



By implementing an Electronic Floor Stock (EFS), a local stock of workwear, protective footwear and PPE becomes easier to manage. E-Floor Stock is based on an agreement between Wenaas and the client, defining which products are to be in stock, in which quanitity, and a maximum and minimum stock point.