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E-Floor Stock – local availability saves resources

By implementing an Electronic Floor Stock (EFS), a local stock of workwear, protective footwear and PPE becomes easier to manage.
E-Floor Stock is based on an agreement between Wenaas and the client, defining which products are to be in stock, in which quantity, and a maximum and minimum stock point.

Registration by app
Each individual user downloads an application (iPhone or Android) and uses this to register the barcode on products in the E-floor Stock. This information is the basis for the next delivery, which occurs on previously agreed times. At the same time, it provides statistical data for total use, products per user, seasonal variations etc.
Wenaas offers to restock products and take charge of cleaning and tidying. As a result, the local storage is always well stocked and in order, and users can easily find the right products and sizes.

E-Floor stock can be combined with Local stock - Container.

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