WEBshop solutions – e-trade made easy

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To enable cost-effective routines for our clients, we have introduced advanced IT solutions. Our e-trade platform Wenaas Management Solutions (WMS) features a quick and easy ordering and procurement process, with a 100 % digital solution from orders to billing. We can adjust the shop's assortment according to company, department or location, to ensure that each user gets easy access to previously approved products, adapted to the relevant tasks. WMS also enables registration of employees, viewing of last ordered size, and placing of new orders based on previous orders.

Cost-effective procurement
For all new contract clients, Wenaas makes a survey of the client's organization, procurement routines and systems. The WMS webshop will then be built and adapted according to the client's needs and routines.
WMS ensures that the most favourable prices and conditions in the contract are used. Procurement of workwear is gathered in one place, and the solution provides a number of statistics, analyses and data on previous purchases.
Upon request, WMS can be fully integrated with other ERP systems.