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A Wenaas store exactly where you want it

When needed, Wenaas can deliver a storage container stocking a predefined assortment of workwear, protective footwear and PPE to larger construction or work sites. The container is insulated and lighted, with shelves for products, clearly marked with bar codes for easy location and registration.

Instant access to protective equipment
Wenaas offers to restock products and take charge of cleaning and tidying, so the container is always well stocked and in order. Users can easily locate the right products and sizes, and register purchases using a bar code reader. This ensures up to date information for rapid restocks.
By keeping a Wenaas container with workwear, protective footwear and PPE on site, the necessary equipment will always be available to users. Shutdowns or delays caused by a lack of protective equipment can thereby easily be avoided.
Use of products is registered immediately, which ensures clients up to date information and control that purchases are made at contract prices.

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Excellent service needs excellent systems. The right product at the right time at the right price.