3-layer clothing

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Safety times three

Cold climates and demanding tasks require protective clothing, from the inside and out. Our three-layer system allows easy regulation of body temperature by removing or adding clothes according to the situation.

1. Moisture absorbing underwear
The inner layer transports moisture away from the body. Underwear should be tight fitting and not too thick. When using wool underwear, moisture is absorbed from the body and transported to the outer layer, where it evaporates. Wool offers high insulation and heat regulation. In addition, it offers protection against flames and electric arcs.

2. Insulating mid layer
This layer provides warmth, and at the same time transports moisture to the outer layer, so the user stays dry and comfortable. The mid layer should not be tight fitting, to leave insulating air between the first and second layers. Choose one or two mid layers depending on temperature and level of activity. When there is a risk of fire, a flame retardant mid layer is recommended.

3. Protective outerwear
This layer keeps wind, rain and snow out, and preserves the insulating air in level 2. By using e.g. GORE-TEX®, moisture is transported away from the body. Our collections of protective outerwear include high visibility wear, flame retardant wear and other products specifically designed to protect against one or several hazards in the work environment.